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Revolutionizing Communication for MARTA’s Stateof MARTA Annual Board Meeting

ClientMedia ZoneDateApril, 2022AuthorJohn MilesShare


Marta, a prominent organization, faces the critical task each year of showcasing its annual accomplishments and financial stewardship to a distinguished audience of state, local, and federal government leaders.


The CEO’s presentation needed to accomplish multiple objectives: to affirm the organization’s accomplishments with the resources provided, justify the need for over $500 million in additional funding, and enhance the overall engagement and retention of the information presented. The challenge was to transform the standard presentation format into a more compelling and memorable experience for a highly influential audience.


ProVideo Event Solutions proposed a novel approach: leveraging whiteboard explainer videos to elevate the presentation’s effectiveness. This innovative strategy was designed to enhance viewer engagement and information retention through:

Visual and Auditory Engagement: Combining real-time visual art with voiceovers for a more dynamic presentation than static slides can offer.
● Dynamic Content Delivery: Utilizing animation to bring content to life, ensuring the message not only captures but also maintains the audience’s attention.
● Storytelling Format: Employing storytelling to facilitate easier recall of information, making the organization’s achievements and data points more relatable and memorable.
● Simplified Explanation of Complex Concepts: Using sequential drawing and visuals to demystify complex concepts, ensuring the financial stewardship and organizational achievements were clearly understood.


The whiteboard video solution was met with resounding approval and enthusiasm. The innovative presentation surpassed all expectations, resonating deeply with the audience. Its success was not only reflected in the immediate positive feedback from government leaders but also sparked interest among consultants and event sponsors present. They were so impressed by the unique and effective communication approach that they requested contact information, considering adopting a similar strategy for their events.

This case not only underscored the transformative power of whiteboard explainer videos in high-stakes presentations but also positioned ProVideo Event Solutions as a pioneer in leveraging storytelling and visual engagement to convey complex messages effectively. Marta’s successful board meeting presentation serves as a testament to the value of innovative communication strategies in securing organizational support and funding.